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The latest scientific research that goes into ensuring Audicin improves health and wellbeing
Can music medicine improve my life?

Learn how music medicine can improve you life by reducing stress and enabling productivity.

At Audicin every aspect of music composition and production is research-driven by our unique team expertise in arts, science and engineering. The magic of this combination is the only way to achieve an optimised result that is enjoyable to listen to over and over again.

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Cognitive Augmentation - the answer to a $1 trillion problem

Audicin is the ultimate science-backed digital therapeutic sound-based tool for cognitive augmentation

A critical hack for unlocking cognitive augmentation is nervous system regulation. Nervous system regulation by Audicin is the pathway towards enhanced productivity, creativity and performance.

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It is a mistake to be led by brain studies

Why people love the brain for all the wrong reasons! Neuroscience offers fascinating insights into what it means to be human. But it does not reveal everything - it is only one piece in our puzzle and it is a mistake to be overly dependent on brain effects to understand wellbeing.

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Sound treatment reduces tinnitus

Ever heard the phrase “fight fire with fire”? How about “treat like with like’? These are the principles behind successful treatment of tinnitus with sound therapies. Tinnitus is the experience of ringing, tones, buzzing or other sounds that are not present in the environment. It affects around 12% of adults though the proportion rises to […]

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Entrain your brain waves

How do binaural beats work? Binaural beats (BBs) impact our brain and body in a way that shifts nervous system and alters our alertness. BBs are flexible; they can relax or stimulate depending on the beats and the person. BBs are not a simple science. Companies marketing BB quick fixes – there are terrible examples […]

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Improve sleep with Audicin

A good night’s rest is vital to your health and wellbeing. Insomnia – regular experience of poor sleep - results in reduced productivity, slowed reaction times, depression, anxiety disorders, weight gain, high blood pressure and heart disease. A 2021 study tested the naps of 22 medical students in the presence or absence of binaural beat […]

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We run regular studies on how Audicin's music impacts on psychology, body and brain processes. If you would like to be informed of upcoming studies and participation opportunities then please let us know by leaving your contact details here.

    Dr Victoria Williamson at TED, discussing the power of musical memory
    Dr Victoria Williamson talking about the 6 Golden Rules of listening to music whilst working