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Rule the waves, rule the body

You are composed of 70% water.

Everything in your body moves in waves.

Waves can be controlled by sound. Brainwaves, for one.

Audicin puts the controls in the palm of your hand.

The brainwave activating music APP
App with brain-activating audio treatments for nervous system resilience

Audicin’s audio treatment app delivers the proven benefits of mindfulness in minutes. 

Just pop on your own headphones and carry on with your day.

 Over two years of remarkable results in nervous system recovery and optimisation.

A patent pending (PCT/FI2023/050615) solution built by music & brain specialists, supercharged by immersive sound engineering.

The app includes curated musical journeys for 24/7 nervous system balance; work, focus, creativity, mood boost, commute, relax and sleep. 

Audicin effectively combats burnout, insomnia, mind wandering, productivity paralysis, and the many other symptoms of an overstimulated nervous system.

THE AUDICIN EFFECT - in only 15 minutes use per day
 with no other life changes. 

Six days from unhealthy to healthy Heart Rate Variability (HRV), as measured on Garmin. 

How it works

Benefits of mindfullness... without meditating
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced heart rate
  • Increased Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Reduced stress and irritation
  • Improved sleep onset, deep sleep, and recovery

'I have continued working in a high pressure environment, while recovering from burnout.'

Easy wellbeing

Our studies show up to 83% boost in wellbeing by simply listening to Audicin.

'Audicin has "saved" my ability to cope in everyday life.'

'I am more recovered than I have been in many years'.

' In four years, I have never received such good results showing nocturnal recovery from a smartwatch'

My brain has had a massage

Achieve your goals and have energy at the end of the day. Banish the fight or flight response to every task, every email. The brain isn't creative or efficient in that state.

'As I was listening, I honestly can’t explain it but my determination and productivity went up. I felt as if I had more focus. I felt like I could really clear my brain and organize my thoughts!'.

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Try our music for yourself with headphones on.

Please seek medical advice before using Audicin if you have a neurological condition associated with fits, have a pacemaker, are under 18 or if you are pregnant. Safety of the elements in our engineered sound has yet to be assessed for these groups.
Audicin will rebalance your nervous system and restore your wellbeing
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