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At Audicin we create audio medicine for productivity and wellbeing. 

Our unique sound is science-based. The Audicin patent pending (PCT/FI2023/050615) process creates and curates background music treatments that recharge you while you are working. 

Our product is built by brain and music specialists and is supercharged by experienced sound design engineering.

In minutes these audio medicine treatments set a dysregulated nervous system on the road to recovery so you can achieve optimum productivity and creativity. 

Medical studies show that this form of audio medicine can be as effective as opioids and without harmful side effects.

Audicin is an on-demand program that can be used at any time of the day.  

People feel the benefits in as little as 5 minutes and all you need are headphones. 

Audicin is leading the trend of digital personal care and productivity; be part of the audio medicine revolution.

This is how it works

Easy and efficient way of improving productivity.

A sales team of nine people gained a 83% boost in wellbeing by simply listening to Audicin.

This is the pathways to effect that leads to massive improvement in productivity and team reputation. Managers who have integrated Audicin report a team gain of 400%

It feels like your brain has had a shower or massage.

Achieve your targets at work and have energy at the end of the day for your friends and family.

Experience deeper sleep, focus and a reduction in the exhaustion that can lead to burnout

Banish the fight or flight response to every task, every email. The brain can't be creative or efficient in that state. 

Immersive, engineered sound is the next phase of audio medicine

Audicin's patent pending (PCT/FI2023/050615) composition and engineering processes are driven by the latest developments in music psychology, medicine and neuroscience

Our scientists conduct research that is open to the public

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Our music is composed by amazing artists - never by a computer. 

Try our music samples with headphones on.

Please seek medical advice before using Audicin if you have a neurological condition associated with fits, if you have a pacemaker, if you are under 18 or if you are pregnant. Safety of all the elements in our engineered sound has yet to be scientifically assessed in these populations.
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