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The latest scientific research that goes into ensuring Audicin improves health and wellbeing
Improve productivity with sound

Scientists agree - sound can make our brains more productive. Studies prove that we can utilise elements of sound to shift brain patterns towards the state we want, whether we need to sleep, relax, concentrate, control pain, multi-task or even be creative. One sound element that helps shift brain states is binaural beats. Interestingly binaural […]

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Three ways that music helps productivity

Which music will help my productivity? These tips plus my 20 years of experience has gone into developing Audicin’s House Style and Audio Architecture (patent in progress), the methods of composition and playlist creation we use to generate our effective soundtracks.

Audicin's productivity technology becomes part of any task, giving you the benefits of balanced energy and driven focus, while remaining where it belongs, in the background of the task at hand.

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What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats are a sound illusion. They are not a physical reality, rather we perceive them because of how our minds work. This is not magic, but the scientific reality of how your brain understands the world around you. Consider the example of visual illusions. The checker shadow illusion is a classic. Squares A and […]

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Cognitive Augmentation - the answer to a $1 trillion problem

Audicin is the ultimate science-backed digital therapeutic sound-based tool for cognitive augmentation

A critical hack for unlocking cognitive augmentation is nervous system regulation. Nervous system regulation by Audicin is the pathway towards enhanced productivity, creativity and performance.

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Research partnership with leading UK University

ANNOUNCEMENT: Audicin joins forces with The University of Sheffield to conduct breakthrough research into music treatments and nervous system regulation. The Audicin Research Team is excited and proud to announce the launch of an academic research program with The University of Sheffield. The new collaborative program, headed by Dr. Victoria Williamson, will support postgraduate students undertaking dissertation […]

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Lower stress with Audicin's 360 degree sound

A fascinating growth area in wellbeing technology is 360 degree or immersive sound environments. This is much more than an audio gimmick, the quality of our sound experiences really matter when it comes to supporting our health. The evidence detailed here shows that a 360 degree sound world is highly effective when it comes to […]

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Music during eye surgery

The operating room is a stressful place and all possible tools should be used to reduce anxiety in order to optimise patient experience and outcomes. Binaural beats (BB), one of the key elements in Audicin's patent pending audio treatments, are an increasingly popular addition to this intense medical scenario. Medical professionals report that the presence […]

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Sound reduces stress during invasive camera insertion...

Cystoscopy can be a stressful procedure. To put it mildly. During cystoscopy a doctor inserts a tiny camera into the length of the penis/ urethra, in order to assess the urinary tract and bladder. Research has shown that binaural beats, one of the active elements in Audicin, can significantly reduce stress and discomfort during this […]

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Recharge with Audicin - a scientific test

Audicin patent pending audio technology is designed to have a quick and effective positive impact on the productivity of busy knowledge workers. The Audicin invention was inspired by science so naturally, we conduct scientific tests in order to verify our claims. We assert that our product recharges you by reducing stress whilst you are working, […]

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Enjoyable audio treatments can be effective in managing chronic pain

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition that significantly impairs quality of life. According to the British Pain Society, more than 28 million people in the UK are living with chronic pain (lasting longer than 3 months), that's 44% of the population. As well as the debilitating impact of pain experiences, there are additional physical and […]

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We run regular studies on how Audicin's music impacts on psychology, body and brain processes. If you would like to be informed of upcoming studies and participation opportunities then please let us know by leaving your contact details here.

    Dr Victoria Williamson at TED, discussing the power of musical memory
    Dr Victoria Williamson talking about the 6 Golden Rules of listening to music whilst working