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How do I redeem a code?

If you have a code for Audicin then you can redeem it at the time that you download the app. All codes are redeemed as part of the App Store/ Play Store subscription process. 

Please note, we are not able to apply codes retrospectively to Audicin accounts.  They must be entered at the point of subscription. 

There are different steps to apply codes depending on whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone. The steps are laid out below. Please note these processes are native to Apple/ Google; we have no control over them.

If you have an iPhone 

On the App Store, search for Audicin. 

Download the app and click 'Redeem Code'

Enter the code you have for Audicin

Follow the normal Apple subscription process

Enjoy Audicin!

If you have an Android phone (6 steps as follows)

Download the Audicin app from the Play Store

Choose one of the subscriptions as the basis of your purchase

Then tap on the right facing arrow next to your payment method (in this example image 'Mastercard') to open up buying options

Click 'Redeem code'
Enter your code and click 'Redeem'

The next screen will confirm the nature of your code and how it will be applied to your subscription to Audicin

Your purchase plan should now reflect the change in your subscription plan to be in line with that gifted by your code. 

Enjoy Audicin! 

How do I cancel Audicin?

Audicin is the same as any other app: you must cancel your app subscription on your device using the account you used to create your subscription. We cannot cancel accounts at Audicin as your contract for your app is with Apple or Google, not Audicin. 

To help you cancel your app on your device we created these images as a guide. Follow each step to ensure you are not charged by Apple or Google. 

We would be very sorry to lose you as a valued customer! If we can address your concerns in any way before you choose to cancel then please contact us directly using the form below.

Please note - Audicin does not manage these cancellation processes, they are native to Apple and Google. Cancelling your account with Audicin will not cancel your subscription. If you do not cancel your subscription as shown below, we are unable to offer refunds for charges made by Google or Apple. 

If you have an iPhone (4 steps as below)

If you have an Android phone (8 steps as below)

Contact us
If you have any queries or comments about Audicin please use this contact form to reach out to us or contact us directly: [email protected]