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How can I regulate my nervous system?

NERVOUS SYSTEM REGULATION - why is it critical for your wellbeing and how does Audicin provide the best solution?

This quick read reveals how you can win with Audicin; whether your goal is conquering stress, improving sleep, boosting mood, increasing tranquility, or biohacking optimal productivity and performance.

Or all of the above! Yes, all of this is possible with Audicin.

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With that in mind - let's talk about nervous system regulation, why is is critical to our health and productivity, and how Audicin can achieve this for us with zero effort.

What is the nervous system?

Your nervous system connects your brain and body. It is the complex hub that reads signals from your mind and the environment to prepare you. It connects sensations and action.

One part of your nervous system keeps you safe - your sympathetic nervous system responds to threats by pumping you full of cortisol to get you into fight or flight mode. Absolutely brilliant if you are facing danger.

Female shown in a boxing stance, ready for sparring

But chronic sympathetic nervous system activity is draining, wearing, irritating and ageing on your body. The list of consequences couldn't look much worse (source - the Mayo clinic)

  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Headaches.
  • Muscle tension and pain.
  • Heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Weight gain.
  • Problems with memory and focus.

The urgent problem

We need our sympathetic nervous system. It keeps us alert and safe. But most of us trigger it too often and for too long. This is NOT our fault - chronic nervous system overstimulation results from:

  • Stressful jobs, especially where people face trauma on a regular basis
  • Heavy care responsibilities
  • Pressure from shifting and growing deadlines and workloads
  • Night shift work and long working hours
  • Survival of trauma, from childhood, accident, or career
  • Genetics, some people are simply more prone to faster and longer stress responses

In many cases there is little we can do to relieve the triggers. Risk of nervous system overstimulation may be a reality of who we are, what we do ,or how we must live. So what can we do?

The solution

NERVOUS SYSTEM REGULATION - find a balance between fighting and resting.

We must disengage the sympathetic nervous system and engage the parasympathetic nervous system more easily and quickly.

Known as 'rest and digest', the parasympathetic nervous system dominates when the world is quiet; our energy is conserved and our reserves are refilled.

NERVOUS SYSTEM REGULATION means reducing the number and length of sympathetic fight/ flight states and increasing the time we spend in the rejuvenating parasympathetic rest and digest state.

NERVOUS SYSTEM REGULATION is a 100% guaranteed investment in health, wellbeing and longevity.

Effortless nervous system regulation

There are many ways to regulate your nervous system that have proven benefits, such as yoga and meditation and mindfulness, but they take time, training and effort.

At Audicin we have solved this problem. Audicin regulates the nervous system with no effort. All you need do is put on headphones and get on with your day.

Audicin's universal patent pending audio treatments feature a unique, breakthrough, evidence-based combination of sound engineering and sound waves that shift brain activity and trigger the parasympathetic system. No effort needed.

Audicin takes you smoothly from fight / flight mode to rest and digest. You don't need to close your eyes, stare at anything, or even focus on the sound. Our beautiful music sits perfectly in the background by design. Here is a 3 min example of an Audicin track, a favourite amongst our users. Enchanted Forest.

Our scientific study of Audicin found that people who were totally new to our app reported significant relaxation when listening to tracks like Enchanted Forest in only 10 mins.

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You can measure the impact of Audicin

Audicin is the ideal solution for busy lives. Our app users have been tuning in to Audicin for over 2 years and experience fast and lasting recovery that they can measure on their wearable devices such as the Apple watch, Oura Ring and Withings ScanWatch.

This image shows the Garmin data (Heart Rate Variability) from a user who went from exhausted to recovered in 6 days. They listened to Audicin for 10 mins a day - NO OTHER CHANGES to their lifestyle.

Audicin goes beyond front line stress recovery

Once your nervous system is regulated, Audicin kicks into another gear. Regular Audicin sessions of only 10-15 mins a day, whilst you make a coffee, check emails or brainstorm, helps keep your nervous system balanced.

Our scientific studies of Audicin with multiple test groups has shown up to an 83% improvement in wellbeing after only one month.

We call it the Prevention zone. Regularly lowering nervous system triggers will increase the benefits of Audicin; more energy, productivity and sleep. Feel like yourself again.

When you are in the Prevention Zone you can cope better with the regular pressures of daily life that can't be avoided, have more energy at the end of the day, and recover quicker from stressful episodes.

It gets better!

Once you have a solid foundation of Prevention, Audicin has YET ANOTHER LEVEL! We call it Boost.

Audicin provides those people in Prevention mode the chance to experience easy, enhanced and optimised cognitive performance.

Audicin contains selected frequencies that trigger high performance brain wave states for increased flow - being in the zone - and creativity. Biohackers who have tested Audicin have reported enhanced working memory performance, for example. More on this amazing result in a blog coming soon!

Test your nervous system and try Audicin for free

Curious about the state of your nervous system? Follow this link to our free, anonymous 1 minute questionnaire, a medical scale created by doctors at the Karolinska Institutet, a world renowned medical university in Sweden, that will reveal your level of nervous system exhaustion. We offer this questionnaire completely free with the full permission of the academic creators. This survey will not record anything about you, will never be shared with a third party, and is hosted on Qualtrics, a survey platform trusted by 18,000 top companies including Nasa, IBM, Microsoft and Mastercard.

Curious to try Audicin for yourself? Follow this link to your native app store where you can download the Audicin app and try it FREE FOR ONE MONTH! Enter the code CLARITY to begin to experience the immediate and lasting benefits of Audicin on your nervous system.