Recharge with Audicin - a scientific test

Audicin patent pending audio technology is designed to have a quick and effective positive impact on the productivity of busy knowledge workers. The Audicin invention was inspired by science so naturally, we conduct scientific tests in order to verify our claims.

We assert that our product recharges you by reducing stress whilst you are working, thereby regulating the nervous system. Is this true? And how fast can it really work?

In our scientific test, 211 people who had never heard Audicin before took part in an online listening study designed and conducted by myself and Dr Landon Peck (Oxford, Sheffield)

Every listener rated their relaxation level using a VAS (visual analogue scale), a scientific and medical measure (Ölçücü et al., 2021; Roshani et al., 2019) where people quantify how stressed they feel on a scale of 1-7. They completed the VAS before and after listening to Audicin.

They listened to only 10 minutes of Audicin. In the comfort of their homes, on their equipment, whilst answering questions and doing tasks.

These were not super stressed people; their ratings on VAS fell below the mid-point. So did they still benefit from Audicin whilst doing tasks?

Yes! People reported feeling significantly more relaxed ( t(210) = 7.17, p < .0001). Nearly a fifth reported that their stress level dropped by more than half. In just 10 mins.

So our brand promise - Recharge While You Are Working - was true.

One of the reasons Audicin works so well is the quality of the music. The importance of enjoyable music was clear in our test; higher liking ratings for tracks equalled a significantly greater relaxation response (r = 0.273, N = 211 p, < 0.001).

Quality music lies at the heart of Audicin. All Audicin’s ambient tracks are composed by people who create music for wellbeing and our composition process is a perfect blend of artistry and music psychology. Audicin’s patent pending composition guidelines are the first of many active ingredients in our sound treatments.

But why does the quality of Audicin music matter if you need to recharge while working? Why not use a basic electro-auto-composition track on a free streaming service?

Because your brain – the most complex system on Earth – is too smart and experienced for that. Audicin is fast and effective because the music is specially designed, using science and medical knowledge, to be easy for our brain to process whilst we are occupied elsewhere.

Humans have made music for at least 40,000 years. Probably far longer. And as a result, our brains are ‘fine-tuned’ to respond to certain sounds deep in our central nervous system. These responses are automatic, beyond conscious control, and powerful.

We have proved that Audicin is significantly relaxing so its unique combination of special sound structures will be activating brain systems such as the reward network, structures like the amygdala, pituitary gland and substantia nigra, which release a bath of neurotransmitters to give that feel good effect.

Beyond optimal brain design, and speed and efficiency, there is another reason to invest in Audicin’s quality audio technology. For any sound treatment to work, it must be likeable. As with all great tools, if you are motivated to use it regularly then you will get the biggest benefits. That is why we measure Audicin, to ensure we are hitting that sweet spot of fast, effective and enjoyable.

Conclusion – Our scientific test shows that Audicin's high quality music recharges busy people while they are working. The patent pending audio technology offers an easy to use boost to wellbeing and productivity in the hectic modern world.