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The Audicin Founders and Inventors

The pioneers of effective science-driven audio medicine

Our mission is to provide the best music to improve wellbeing and health.

Our sound treatments maximise brain readiness for everyday nervous system stresses. Audicin boosts wellbeing, flow, focus and sleep. 
Laura Avonius 
Founder, CEO, CTO

Entrepreneur with +20 years experience in successfully creating, launching and managing international digital products and businesses. 

Laura has decades of experience leading sw development teams and commercialization of digital products. She has worked as a director at Nokia, CDO and leadership team member at Aller Media and IT consultant through her own company. 

She is an award winning composer. Follow GEA on Spotify: https://bit.ly/GEASpotify

Dr. Victoria Williamson
Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Music psychology expert with 15 years in academia with psychology, research design and statistics and neuroscience. 

Victoria is an accomplished academician with over 30 articles in peer reviewed science journals on memorybrain function, earworms, and music, health and wellbeing

Lab manager, grant leader, PhD supervisor, media spokesperson. Blogger and author of the popular science book ’You Are The Music' .

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Mariana Sousa Aguiar
Co-founder and Chief Audio Engineer

Music Producer and Composer focused on sound perception in surround sound and stereo evolving the composition of classical and electronic music

BA in Music Sciences, affiliated to the Contemporary Research Music Group at CESEM/FCSH -UNL, experience in the Audio Industry as Sound Designer for TV, Radio and Music as well as Mixing and Mastering Engineer and Broadcasting Editor.

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Audicin is a dream that builds on our unique experience bridging the worlds of music, art, sound engineering, health and science. It takes a special team to make Audicin a truly effective reality. 
Laura Avonius 
Dr. Victoria Williamson
Mariana Sousa Aguiar
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