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Cognitive Augmentation - the answer to a $1 trillion problem

Nervous system regulation

Audicin is the ultimate science-backed digital therapeutic sound-based tool for cognitive augmentation

A critical hack for unlocking cognitive augmentation is nervous system regulation. Nervous system regulation is the pathway towards enhanced productivity, creativity and performance.

What is the problem that Audicin solves?

Nervous system dysregulation (NSD).

NSD is a state most of us dip into it at least once a day. NSD occurs when chaos rather than order drives your nervous system. Our nervous system connects our brain and body, and it has two parts:

  1. The parasympathetic – our controlled and conscious operating mode
  2. The autonomic – our unconscious threat response system

NSD occurs when there is too much activity in the autonomic system. When we are led by our autonomic system, we think, feel and behave in ways that are learned and automatic.

We are in ‘survival mode’. Every email gets a fight or flight response. Each new task is a threat to our energy and balance. Productivity crashes and creativity is impossible.

The DNS is on edge. It is in an intense mode of operation. The DNS is responding to threats that aren’t there, mostly because we are responding as if threats from our past are still right in front of us – our nervous system is firing way too hard and far too fast.

The analogy

Think of a car stopped at red lights with the break on. The car is under the driver’s control. It is behaving in an appropriate way and it is ready to act. Imagine now that the driver presses hard on the accelerator as if they suddenly need to get away from a threat. But there is nothing there. There is furious noise and activity for no reason; this state achieves only damage to the car.

Then imagine the light turns green but the driver can’t react. They are still holding the break in frigid fear. The car is stuck in an automated response and is frozen to the spot unable to take appropriate action.

Solve the DNS trap – Audicin.

The worse thing at this point would be to force the driver’s foot off the break. Chaos will follow and huge damage is inevitable.

The engine must be slowed down first, the foot must be eased off the accelerator. The system must be controlled, regulated before it can respond well to the signals around it.

A revving car engine with the break on is a DNS. The DNS causes us to respond in an inappropriate way to an event, person, or situation, either by under- or over-reacting.

What is needed is a tool to REGULATE nervous system activity – this is what AUDICIN does.

How is Audicin regulation different?

Audicin is a library of uniquely engineered sound tracks that regulate a DNS so that the person can think and act in a conscious and controlled way.

This is what Valium and Xanax do  – but with side effects

This is what yoga and meditation does – but with practise and break time needed

AUDICIN sound works in minutes and requires no special skills, no training, no breaks from what you are doing, and it has no side effects.

All you need is headphones.

What is more Audicin is prehabilitative not rehabilitative. It is a solution for DNS if you are in that state but it is also a prevention agent too. Listen to it regularly and Audicin will help stop the engine revving in the first place, reducing the chance that the DNS will take hold of your daily life.

Valium and Xanax change brain chemistry to prevent uptake of stress hormones. Listening to Audicin helps to stops the body from producing them in the first place.

Is DNS that big of a problem?

DNS is a huge problem in today’s world where we are faced with more input that we were ever designed to manage let alone respond to throughout our waking hours.

70-95% of employees suffer from work-related stress, a leading driver of DNS. This costs $1 TRILLION loss of productivity per year (WHO)

Over time an unchecked DNS causes damage to the body that shows as insomnia, migraines, anxiety, chronic pain, GI distress, and/or high or low blood pressure

It can also manifest as mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety, panic, poor memory and concentration, irritability and exhaustion.

These states can lead to behaviours such as rage, passive aggression, shutting down or being argumentative, which can further exacerbate problems with work and relationships.

In essence, a DNS is in a state of cognitive decline.

The dream of cognitive augmentation from wellbeing

The opposite of DNS related cognitive decline is cognitive augmentation, an exciting concept that when we can take control of how our body responds to our super charged world, we can optimise our daily lives.

Nervous system regulation brings calm, focus, presence and wellbeing – the important and necessary foundation for cognitive augmentation.

Audicin's unique sound tracks induce a state of cognitive augmentation where we can achieve our goals, perform above and beyond our targets, and dream and creative the solutions we need.