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Lower stress with Audicin's 360 degree sound

A fascinating growth area in wellbeing technology is 360 degree or immersive sound environments. This is much more than an audio gimmick, the quality of our sound experiences really matter when it comes to supporting our health.

The evidence detailed here shows that a 360 degree sound world is highly effective when it comes to reducing stress levels in the workplace.

At Audicin, we are leading and championing this important shift in technology from flat to immersive audio. Our engineers and researchers have spent 2 years developing Audicin into a 360 degree musical world: this is just ONE of the patent pending elements of the Audicin technology.

Audicin's unique mixing and mastering processes ensures that the listener is placed at the centre of the sound world. Audicin music moves around your head, the sounds rise and fall, ebb and flow, they surround you. This is one of the reasons that Audicin songs are so effective in regulating the nervous system away from stress overload whilst supporting productivity outcomes.

A 2022 paper published in Music & Science tested the impact of immersive audio on stress levels and negative mood states. Results showed that the '...[the] application was effective for both clinical (n = 40) and non-clinical (n = 60) groups, and that the effect was most profound for individuals diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders'.

Sound-based wellbeing interventions for stress, like Audicin, present many advantages to other relaxation aids as they are easy to use (no training required), enjoyable, low effort, and integrate seamlessly into existing music listening habits as well as the working day. And the evidence is clear - sound quality matters. If you are going to invest in your wellbeing and productivity then you deserve the best tool.

The importance of a VISUAL immersive world in newer wellbeing interventions is no secret, hence the huge investment in virtual reality therapies. A flat screen is fine , but an immersive visual world is highly impactful. According to Forbes, immersive visual therapies have been successful in treating PTSD, stress and chronic pain.  In one study, burn victims were transported to a snowy world, interacting with snowmen and throwing snowballs. This reduced their physical pain by up to 50%.

The same logic is true for audio. This is because immersion is how we normally experience our world. The majority of us are used to hearing a 360 degree environment so an immersive engineered sound is more natural for the brain to process.

An immersive sound like Audicin will also work effectively in the background as we go about our daily tasks, because we are used to separating out/ filtering aspects of our sound world on a daily basis when we need to focus. Audicin is effective in the workplace because it reduces stress whilst supporting productivity.

Audicin's native app is available at the App Store, so you can try the Audicin immersive sound experience for yourself and take your wellbeing investment to the next level.