Music during eye surgery

The operating room is a stressful place and all possible tools should be used to reduce anxiety in order to optimise patient experience and outcomes. Binaural beats (BB), one of the key elements in Audicin's patent pending audio treatments, are an increasingly popular addition to this intense medical scenario.

Medical professionals report that the presence of BB audio tracks have a positive impact both on them and their patients, and recent evidence backs up their experiences. 

In 2022 a randomised controlled study tested the impact of BB in cataract surgeryDuring this surgery the patient remains conscious, under what is known as topical anaesthesia. The potential for stress during eye surgery whilst awake is, understandably, very high. 

The authors measured stress, pain and body responses during and after surgery in two groups:

  1. Those who received BB audio tracks
  2. A control group who wore headphones only
  • Lower anxiety scores
  • Lower pain scores
  • Lower heart rate
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower mean arterial pressure

All the body measures increased from their baseline levels - a sign of significant operational stress - in the control group. The authors concluded that “binaural beat audio decreases operative pain and anxiety in cataract surgery under topical anaesthesia”.

It is predicted that the BB patient group will also experience better recovery from surgery. This is due to the additional benefits in healing that they will experience thanks to the dampening of their heart’s response to the stress during the cataract operation.

If BB audio can reduce the incredible stress of operative scenarios - especially eye surgery whilst conscious - then there is huge potential to impact positively on the stress we experience in our regular busy lives. What we need is access to BB tracks that fit into our busy lives and that don't distract our precious focus. This is where Audicin is unique in the market.

Audicin's proven stress-reducing BB tracks RECHARGE YOU WHILE WORKING. No need to stop what you are doing. Just pop on headphones and get on with your day. No breaks, no training, no extra time needed (other than the 1 minute to open the app!). Audicin takes care of regulating the pattern of stress responses in your nervous system, saving you energy and boosting productivity as a result.

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