Achieve targets and have positive energy for your life

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Recharge while you are working
Audicin's background music treatments help you to be focused, well-rested and to have energy outside of work to enjoy time with hobbies, friends and family.

Audicin is a patent pending (PCT/FI2023/050615)  unique recovery and recharge strategy that fits into life on the go. 

You don't have to stop.
You don't need to train.
There are no side effects.

Just put on your headphones wherever you are and whatever you are doing... and press play.

This is how it works

Audicin activates your parasympathetic nervous system.

Whole body recovery. People say it feels like your mind had a restorative shower or a massage. 

Scientific music is proven to be as efficient as opioids. 

You will experience physical and mental relaxation without any harmful side effects. Chemical-free care management.

It fits into your day. You don't need to stop what you are doing.

You can use it while you work, commute, take a walk or exercise, or prepare for sleep. All you need is headphones.

Break the stress cycle, recover and live longer !
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Do you want to know what scientifically engineered music sounds like and feel the impact? 

Try our music samples with headphones on.

Please seek medical advice before using Audicin if you have a neurological condition associated with fits, if you have a pacemaker, if you are under 18 or if you are pregnant. Safety of all the elements in our engineered sound has yet to be scientifically assessed in these populations.

”I have used Audicin to recover and recharge during work days and have followed the impact with my smart watch. I can see a clear impact on my body and mind, and it has been a great tool to balance my busy work days.”

Kristiina Hännikäinen
Business Lead, 
LeasePlan Digital, Amsterdam

”I have a hectic life and I have symptoms of ADHD. I have been using Audicin sound meditation and I have been able to focus and calm down. The results are verified with my Oura ring, which registers my session as a restorative time.”
Annina Antinranta
Principal Designer, Futurice Oy, Helsinki
No effort, No limits
Many meditation systems and stress focused apps require effort or practise.  Audicin impacts your stress levels without any effort, training or time needed for meditation. And our studies show it works even under extreme conditions, when people are on the verge of burnout.

Don't believe sound can be that powerful? The research is clear. Studies have been conducted in medical settings as diverse as eye surgery, childbirth, psychiatry, dentistry and during cytoscopy (inserting a camera into the penis). In all cases , doctors reported a positive effect of audio treatments on patient outcomes. 
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