Patent pending audio treatments

Audicin deep dives into the art and science of curated music for productivity and wellbeing

 There are plenty of companies who claim to produce relaxing music. Or binaural beats .... 

Audicin is better than anything else out there for 3 reasons:

Evidence based

Our music is informed by science.

We all use music intuitively to stabalise and regulate mind and body. 

Audicin is the next logical step in our ancient relationship with music for wellbeing.

Our products are informed by the latest research in music psychology and neuroscience from the point of composition, through to engineering and finally production. 

Audicin produces the highest quality personal audio treatments.

Binaural Beats

Our music features perception-enhanced binaural beats.

 Placing effective binaural beats in music is not easy; it requires complex adjustments in engineering in order to have the desired impact.

Binaural beat tracks that you might find on YouTube, for example, will not work as well because they do not contain these special engineering processes. They will have a weak or negligible effect - they could even make you feel worse. 

In most cases you also have no idea what you are getting or how it was made. With Audicin you get the highest quality.

Surround Sound

Our music feels immersive.

Our tracks are mixed, mastered and rendered to give you an immersive, 360 degree feel over headphones. 

When you listen to Audicin you are centred and surrounded by the sound. The positive effect of Audicin is made fast and effective

Thanks to Audicin's patent pending surround sound techniques our audio treatments fall into the background of human focus using cognitive mapping techniques. Audicin works while you work. 

Recharge while you are working. 

Are Binaural Beats safe?

There are no known risks associated with binaural beats. There is a great deal of scientific and medical research into binaural beats from around the world. Our product development always tracks the latest research to ensure we are as safe as possible. 

At the time of writing, medical advice is that binaural beats should not be tried in certain vulnerable populations. Therefore the following groups should seek medical advice before trying binaural beats in any form. If you:

1. Have a neurological condition associated with seizures
2. Use a heart pacemaker
3. Are under the age of 18
4. Are or may be pregnant

What are Binaural Beats?

Simply put, they are an illusion. 

They are not a real element in our tracks audio. Rather they are a creation of the brain in response to special features within our music. 

We have carefully engineered our tracks to ensure that binaural beats are placed in the most discrete and effective places within the sonic environment so you benefit fully and quickly.

We have written an article to explain binaural beats; what they are and why they happen. It can be found here:
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