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The Audicin Lab: Science-driven audio medicine

Audicin high-quality audio

Audicin specially engineered sound uses the latest in scientific, psychological and neurological evidence in the hands of our experts in human sound perception.


Audicin curation

Each Audicin track is created by composers who all have experience working with sound for wellbeing.

Each Audicin playlist has been curated so that it takes you smoothly to your intended psychological state, whether that be rest, focus or creativity (and anything in between!).

Audicin benefits

Our participants report a 83% improvement in their wellbeing at work.

The impact is not limited to working life. Their sleep scores improve as does work-life balance. 

Their work metrics show 400% improvement in productivity.

Audicin Lab Blog

The latest peer reviewed scientific research into the impact of our music elements on health and wellbeing
Three ways that music helps productivity

Which music will help my productivity? These tips plus my 20 years of experience has gone into developing Audicin’s House Style and Audio Architecture (patent in progress), the methods of composition and playlist creation we use to generate our effective soundtracks.

Audicin's productivity technology becomes part of any task, giving you the benefits of balanced energy and driven focus, while remaining where it belongs, in the background of the task at hand.

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What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats are a sound illusion. They are not a physical reality, rather we perceive them because of how our minds work. This is not magic, but the scientific reality of how your brain understands the world around you. Consider the example of visual illusions. The checker shadow illusion is a classic. Squares A and […]

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Cognitive Augmentation - the answer to a $1 trillion problem

Audicin is the ultimate science-backed digital therapeutic sound-based tool for cognitive augmentation

A critical hack for unlocking cognitive augmentation is nervous system regulation. Nervous system regulation by Audicin is the pathway towards enhanced productivity, creativity and performance.

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Improve productivity with sound

Scientists agree - sound can make our brains more productive. Studies prove that we can utilise elements of sound to shift brain patterns towards the state we want, whether we need to sleep, relax, concentrate, control pain, multi-task or even be creative. One sound element that helps shift brain states is binaural beats. Interestingly binaural […]

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Audicin Lab research 

Research Study 1 - The characteristics of audio medicine that facilitate relaxation and enjoyment
Audicin is launching our first research study on the impacts of our product. 

And we would LOVE you to take part!

If you can spare 15 mins for some music and have a laptop/ computer/ tablet handy with headphones, then we would be hugely grateful if you could visit our experiment website.

We are running the first study of emotion and enjoyment in response to Audicin music tracks. This research will allow us to understand the impact of our sounds on the user in relation to important wellbeing outcomes.

In 15 minutes we invite you to fill in a few short questions about you and then listen to our tracks. Rate each short excerpt for its emotional content, as you perceive it. There are no right or wrong answers, we are curious to find out what emotion you sense in the sound.

Big wave of gratitude to the fantastic Dr Landon Peck (Oxford, Sheffield) who built the platform and was the perfect research design partner.


Research Study 2 - Impacts of Audicin on the body
Calling all Oura users! The Oura ring is an industry-leading body measurement device. It can track heart rate, stress and sleep. We are interested in learning how Oura users react to our music. 

This research will inform scientists and medical professionals about the impact of audio spatialisation, scientifically composed music in human recovery and wellbeing. 

If you have an Oura device and are happy to report your heart, stress levels and sleep scores whilst listening to our music for 2 weeks then we would be delighted to offer you a 1 year all-access pass to Audicin’s catalogue, worth 180 Euros.

Join the Audicin Lab!

We run regular studies on how Audicin's music impacts on psychology, body and brain processes. If you would like to be informed of upcoming studies and participation opportunities then please let us know by leaving your contact details here.