Why use Audicin? Productivity and creativity spring from wellbeing

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Recharge while you are working
We create scientifically-informed audio medicine tracks (patent in progress). 

Our unique non-invasive audio medicine will recharge you while you are working. No need for breaks. No need for training. Just listen. People feel the benefits in as little as 5 minutes.

Productive and creative success cannot happen consistently with a  dysregulated nervous system. Audicin brings order to chaos. 

Improved wellbeing measures are our pathway to success. Reduced stress, improved sleep and enhanced recovery metrics. Read our user stories below for true inspiration!

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Growth Business Director Hannaleena Koskinen (LinkedIn: https://tinyurl.com/4pdmdhev/) shares experiences how using Audicin has helped her team of expert sales people to improve wellbeing, exceed sales goals, create employee satisfaction and decrease health related absences.
Kasvuliiketoiminnasta vastaava johtaja Hannaleena Koskinen (LinkedIn: https://tinyurl.com/4pdmdhev/) kertoo siitä, miten Audicin auttoi hänen kaupallista yksikköään saavuttamaan kaksinumeroisen kasvun, vähentämään sairaspoissaoloja ja paransi 70% työhyvinvointia vuoden aikana

People who benefit from Audicin work for... 

These people experienced productivity and wellbeing gains thanks to  Audicin - in their own words.
Nervous overload is the biggest problem in a digitalised world.

We all know that we SHOULD rest more, take quality breaks, go out, take holidays and sleep well. We know we should, but we're too busy and on our laptops/ phones to be able to do it.

Just over a week ago, I heard about a startup called Audicin (stands for audio medicine). It's an app that you listen to music from, but not just any music. Carefully selected sound frequencies have a direct effect on the brain, relaxing – and at the same time you can work 🤓 Maybe a little too good to be true?

I've had HRV (heart rate variability) in red all the time for almost 3 months due to stress, so I thought I'd try this out.

I listened to Audicin for about 15 mins a day for a week, the picture shows my results. Step by step back to green! I haven't made any other changes to my everyday life.

Another Garmin image stated that on the day I woke up at 3:30 a.m., driving to the airport and plane ride, half-day strategy workshop, afternoon work, and evening flight home, at 9 p.m., Garmin reported, "Your energy level stayed good because you were able to balance activity, stress, and rest today."

So here's my pick for 2024 startups: www.audicin.com. Recommend! 💚
Isa Merikallio
CX-EX-BX Insight specialist I Strategist I Author I Speaker
"My team experienced Audicin as an easy and pleasant method for recovery. Our performance metrics increased four times while the wellbeing increased by 49%. Since stress management is very important to us, we will continue to use Audicin."
Hannaleena Koskinen
Commercial Director in growth business

”I have used Audicin to recover and recharge during work days and have followed the impact with my smart watch. I can see a clear impact on my body and mind, and it has been a great tool to balance my busy work days.”

Kristiina Hännikäinen
Business Lead, 
LeasePlan Digital, Amsterdam

”I have a hectic life and I have symptoms of ADHD. I have been using Audicin sound meditation and I have been able to focus and calm down. The results are verified with my Oura ring, which registers my session as a restorative time.”
Annina Antinranta
Principal Designer, Futurice Oy, Helsinki

"Over time my Audicin helped me deal with the overwhelming feelings of panic when I have attend the eye clinic for injections. I often use it in other stressful situations now. I wouldn't be without it. I can't thank you enough Audicin!"
Nancy Barnett
Living with macular degeneration, UK