The team building Audicin

We are Audicin - pioneers of audio medicine

Our all-female Founding Team is complemented perfectly by our female-lead development team 

Experts in their respective fields of software and app development, they deliver the unique and powerful experience of audio medicine to your phone, tablet and computer. 

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Lead Developer of Audicin

15+ years of experience as a high end app developer for various projects and brands such as ABN Amro Mobiel Bankieren, El Corte Inglés, Voice of Holland, Bux. Founder of Resistance Studio

David Carvajal Garrido 
Backend and Machine Learning Developer

15+ years of experience in software development in various roles such as backend developer, CTO & University Lecturer in Computer Science and Machine Learning.
José Luis Montes Jiménez
Android Developer

15+ years of experience in software development, specializing in Android development in recent years. Has led mobile development team sizes of 40 people.
COMING SOON TO IoS and Android
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Welcome to Audicin, the future of Audio Medicine and the power behind next level workplace productivity. Recharge while you are working. 

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