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Meet the amazing artists who create Audicin sound
We are Audicin - pioneers of audio medicine

Our mission is to provide the best science-driven engineered audio to improve physical and mental wellbeing and health.

We are building a community of creatives skilled in composing the Audicin sound. 

The unique skills and experiences that each creative brings to our team allows for variety in our treatments. This is critical as we know how personal is each person's relationship with music. 

There is an Audicin treatment program for you.

Our sound will always be created by artists - never by machine.  

Our creatives each have unique experience in music therapy, neuroscience, bio-engineering and/ or health and community care, giving them a unique practical view on how to create the most effective audio medicine. 


Kai Swarvett is a composer with a background in community music and wellbeing. While studying music at university, he volunteered at a community centre with a group of musicians giving workshops and building a community accessible music studio.

Currently, he works in the field of composing for media such as educational games, independent films and podcasts, alongside giving music classes.

He is a founding member of a group that perform ambient and experimental music which creates realtime relaxing and introspective soundscapes.

PORTFOLIO | kaiswarvett
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Jelly Cleaver uses music to create community and change. She aspires to the ideal of the artist as activist. Her work is often a meditation on the philosophical, the spiritual and the political.

Her values can be seen in how and where she makes music. As a Resident Artist at St George’s hospital in Tooting, she uses music and composing to help bring joy and relief to patients and staff. Her Jelly’s Jams improvised nights encourage an open and multi-disciplinary community for co-creation. 

Her unwavering stance to being uncategorised has seen her receive the Steve Reid Award for "outstanding emerging talent", be nominated for an Ivor's Composer Award for Large Jazz Ensemble and be interviewed by the likes of NPR, BBC 6 Music and Bandcamp. 


Andrew Hockey is a composer and sound artist with over 10 years of experience in audio and technology.

With a passion for generative systems and non-linear musical structures, he has contributed to the development of adaptive music systems in health and wellness by designing musical experiences that can be customised to suit different meditation durations and focus levels.

Andrew is dedicated to creating memorable experiences that connect with diverse audiences and provide a sense of wonder and serenity.



Eamonn O’Dwyer is an multi award-winning composer-lyricist of Guyanese-Irish descent. His work spans genres from live orchestral to electronica, contemporary musical theatre and film. 

He is an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music; his works have been performed in the US, Russia, Australia and Japan, and by companies such as the National Theatre, The RSC and Chichester Festival Theatre.

Eamonn is musical director for two community choirs in London, and has witnessed firsthand the power of music to change lives. 

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Audicin hosts a community of talented musicians working in healthcare. Here we showcase their talent. Check them out!
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