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49% improvement in team 
wellbeing in two months
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Audicin helps your team to recharge while they are working 

Most people suffer from work-related stress. As a leader, it is difficult to hit targets when a team is running on low battery.  

Audicin works while your team work

Audicin provides on-demand background music treatments that can be used at any time to aid whatever stressor is impacting wellbeing and release optimum productivity. 

No need for breaks, no need for training. All your team needs are their headphones. 

Audicin is composed by award-winning musicians and  is science-based both in engineering and design. 

Audicin's patent pending process (PCT/FI2023/050615) is leading the trend of digital personal medicine. 

Be part of the revolution!

This is how it works

Audicin is based on scientifically created music.

Such music is proven to be as efficient as opioids, without any harmful side effects.

Audicin feels like your brain took a shower or got a massage. 

Audicin activates parasympathetic nervous system and offloads the brain.

 Audicin helps people to focus on their tasks.

When you are stressed and overwhelmed, you work slower and make a lot of mistakes. 

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Are you wondering what scientifically composed music sounds like and what is the impact? 

Put on your headphones and give it a try!

Please seek medical advice before using Audicin if you have a neurological condition associated with fits, if you have a pacemaker, if you are under 18 or if you are pregnant. Safety of all the elements in our engineered sound has yet to be scientifically assessed in these populations.
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”My team experienced the use of Audicin as an easy and pleasant method for recovery. Our performance metrics increased four times while the wellbeing increased by 49%. Since stress management is very important to us,
we will continue to use Audicin.”

Hannaleena Koskinen
Vice President,
SOK, Media Business

”I have used Audicin to recover and recharge during work days and have followed the impact with my smart watch. I can see a clear impact on my body and mind, and it has been a great tool to balance my busy work days.”

Kristiina Hännikäinen
Business Lead, 
LeasePlan Digital, Amsterdam

”I have a hectic life and I have symptoms of ADHD. I have been using Audicin sound meditation and I have been able to focus and calm down. The results are verified with my Oura ring, which registers my session as a restorative time.”
Annina Antinranta
Principal Designer, Futurice Oy, Helsinki